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EMPEROR's CD "Prometheus-the discipline of fire & denise" ble nominert til Spelemansprisen i 2002. Denne ble spilt inn i AKKERHAUGEN LYDSTUDIO, det samme som RED HARVEST's nominasjon for 2003: "Sick Transit Gloria Mundi".

Av andre metallband enn Emperor og Red Harvest som har gjort sine innspillinger i Akkerhaugen Lydstudio  kan vi nevne: Zyklon, Source of Tide, Sirius ( Portugal), Myrskog, Paganize, Tidfall, MindGrinder, Svartahrid, Windir, Al Jazeera, rkenkjtt, Mistur, Supremacy, m.fl.



Norsk metal i Brtal Legend

Det kommende spillet Brtal Legend bader i metal-musikk. Og Norge er tredobbelt representert.

Av Jarle Hrafn Grindhaug/

Spillutgiver Electronic Arts har n avslrt den komplette ltlisten vi kommer til nyte i metal-eposet Brtal Legend.

Les ogs: Vi testet Brtal Legend
Les ogs: Brtal Legend-tvisen avgjort

I den hardtslende ltlisten, som blant annet inkluderer rocke-legender som Black Sabbath, Motrhead, Judas Priest og Kiss, kan du godt si at norske Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved og Emperor er blant det onde selskap.

Enslaved bidrar med hele to lter, hvor lten Frost er en atmosfrisk synth-lt.

Si din mening: Diskuter Brtal Legend her!

Alle de tre bandene har svrt hy status som ambassadrer for skalt Norsk Black Metal i utlandet, og har mesteparten av sine fans utenfor norske grenser.

Bde Emperor, Enslaved og Dimmu Borgir har ogs tidligere bidratt med stemmebruk i den animerte tv-serien Metalocalopypse.

Les ogs:
Konami avslrer Metalocalypse: Dethgame

I Brtal Legend, som er det nye spillet til Tim Schafer (Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts) mter du metal-roadien Eddie Riggs, som havner i et alternativt metal-univers for redde verden fra onde monstere.

Jack Black har stemmen til hovedrollen i spillet, og det er derfor ikke spesielt overraskende at bandet Tenacious D ogs er p ltlisten. Jack Black er nemlig vokalist i Tenacious D, som ogs er en hylles ttil Heavy Metal.


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Thou Shalt Suffer

Thou Shalt Suffer began in 1991 when vocalist Ihsahn met guitarist Samoth at a clinic for rock musicians. The two started playing together under various names, such as Dark Device, Xerasia, and Embryonic. They eventually settled on Thou Shalt Suffer. It was during this time Ihsahn began to develop his skills as a keyboard player, and his trademark sound can be heard on the band's recordings. In 1991, the band recorded two demos, Into The Woods Of Belial and Open The Mysteries Of Your Creation. Both recordings exhibited a distinct style which would eventually develop into the classic "Emperor sound" of Ihsahn's and Samoth's later careers. When Samoth began writing music outside of the band, Thou Shalt Suffer began to dissolve. Bassist Ildjarn and drummer Thorbjrn Akkerhaugen both left the band. Ildjarn formed his own eponymous project Ildjarn (which was often contributed to by both Ihsahn and Samoth), while Akkerhaugen went on to found Akkerhaugen Studios. At this point (late 1991), Emperor had come into full swing, and Thou Shalt Suffer was put on hold. Ihsahn didn't completely abandon the band, however instead, he used the name to release dark medieval-type ambient music. The first Thou Shalt Suffer full-length album was released in 2001, titled Somnium. It was composed and produced entirely by Ihshan. Also, in 1997, the band's original two demos were pressed to CD and released to the public. This compilation, simply titled Into The Woods Of Belial was re-released and widely distributed in 2004.




21/04/09 Emperor Live Inferno Boxset Out Now

Candlelight Records confirms the completion of the final recordings from black metal legends Emperor. Titled Live Inferno, the special live series features various releases recorded/filmed during the bands sold out 2005-2007 reunion performances. Several formats will be available including a 2cd/slip case with 16-page booklet, a limited edition box featuring 2 cds & dvd with an enhanced 24 page booklet, a single dvd, and two limited edition double-vinyl gatefold sets. April 20th is set as the European release date for the series. The audio aspect of the Live Inferno series features exclusive recordings from the bands headlining performances at Norways Inferno Festival and Germanys Wacken Open Air Festival. Each recording will be pressed as individual double-vinyl sets; the first pressing limited to 1000 on black vinyl with any additional pressings in varied colors selected by the band. A special gold-vinyl seven-inch limited to 2000 titled Thus Spake the Nightspirit (featuring a live rendition of the bands famed song from the album Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk with a live recording of Inno A Satana from the album bands popular In the Nightside Eclipse album on the b-side) will be pressed and released via the labels official webstores beginning February 16.

The video portion, titled Live at Wacken Open Air 2006 - A Night of Emperial Wrath, has a running time of 70-minutes and includes footage professionally filmed at the Wacken Open Air Festival with additional on-stage and exclusive backstage footage filmed and compiled by the band. It looks like these releases will be the final nail in the coffin for Emperor, says guitarist Samoth. They are a testimony of the live reunion that took Emperor to even new heights; unique events like Wacken where Emperor headlined in front of 60 000 people. We had a great run of shows and feel lucky that we were able to come back even bigger and perform songs from our complete catalogue for a lot of dedicated fans old and new. There will be several cool formats and limited editions coming that should be a nice treat for the fans and a worthy representation of the Emperor legacy. Emperor is dead, long live the Emperor!

DVD 1. Infinity Burning (medley) 2. Cosmic Keys to my Creations & Times 3. Thus Spake the Nightspirit 4. An Elegy of Icaros 5. Curse you all Men! 6. With Strength I Burn 7. Towards the Pantheon 8. The Majesty of the Nightsky 9. The Loss and Curse of Reverence 10. In the Wordless Chamber 11. I am the Black Wizards 12. Inno a Satana Running time: approx 70 min. Bonus material: A selection of on and off stage bootleg material.

DISC 1 Inferno: Infinity Burning (medley), Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times, Thus Spake the Nightspirit, An Elegy of Icaros, Curse you all Men!, Wrath of the Tyrant, With Strength I Burn, Towards the Pantheon, The Majesty of the Nightsky, The Loss and Curse of Reverence, In the Wordless Chamber, Inno a Satana, I am the Black Wizards, Ye Entrancemperium, Opus a Satana.

DISC 2 Wacken: Infinity Burning (medley), Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times, Thus Spake the Nightspirit, An Elegy of Icaros, Curse you all Men!, With Strength I Burn, Towards the Pantheon, The Majesty of the Nightsky, The Loss and Curse of Reverence, In the Wordless Chamber, I am the Black Wizards, Inno a Satana.

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2008-11-25 10:41:41


Added a video from Akkerhaugen Studio and an edited live clip from the concert at Meieriet in Sogndal, 2007, which shows Mistur performing a cover version of Emperors Inno A Satana.

2008-11-23 16:01:28


In September 2008 Mistur recorded the full-length debut album in Akkerhaugen Lydstudio. The album is produced by Mistur and Thorbjorn Akkerhaugen and it is mastered by Peter in De Betu at Tailor Maid. The album is a self-financed project and a full production with a raw and true black metal sound, containing 7 songs. The cover of the album will be decorated with an oil painting created by the Belgian cover artist Kris Verwimp.

One song, Skuld, from the new production is available for listening at the official Mistur myspace

Mistur is now looking for a label to release and distribute the debut album in Norway and abroad. If anyone is interested do not hesitate to contact us.

We can also announce the brand new Mistur website. Enjoy.




EMPEROR was founded at AKKERHAUGEN, Telemark in the early nineties

EMPEROR biography

Eventually there comes a time when the hype about a band becomes superfluous, and their status alone speaks volumes. Such is the case with Emperor, the black metal gods hailing from Telemark, Norway. Emperor has become known as one of the originators of symphonic Black Metal that Norway is internationally renowned for. Often described as the greatest and most unique modern black metal act of all time, Emperor has sold well over 500,000 albums worldwide. Their cult album In the Nightside Eclipse has been ranked among albums like Slayers Reign in Blood and Venoms Black Metal as a definitive masterpiece of our time.

Beginning life as a trio in the spring of '91 with Samoth (drums), Ihsahn (guitar/vocals) and Mortiis (bass), the band quickly recorded and circulated the now legendary "Wrath of the Tyrant" demo. It was this demo that brought them to the attention of the then still-fledgling Candlelight record label. A deal was inked, Samoth moved to guitar and Bard Faust was recruited for the now vacant drum stool. By the end of 1992, the band had recorded their half of the "Emperor / Enslaved" split CD which surfaced early the following year. Mortiis departed, and was later replaced by Tchort.

The press response was justifiably excellent and by the summer of '93 Emperor were recording once more, this time working on their debut full-length album "In the Nightside Eclipse". By the time of the albums release in 1994 they had become without a doubt one of the most important bands in the genre, gathering worldwide critical acclaim and a rabid fan base to match.

In autumn of '93 a series of headline-grabbing events took place, which lead to turbulence within the scene, causing Emperor to suffer some instability within the bands line-up. Despite these events, the entity of Emperor would come out even stronger in the end. Eventually a new permanent line-up was announced. Alver had replaced Tchort on bass, and Trym (ex. Enslaved) had replaced Faust on drums. The bones of what would become their most epic and majestic material to date were taking shape.

By the end of '96, now fully prepared and rehearsed, they went back into the studio. First the "Reverence" EP announced their return to the fold, followed up in early '97 with what is without doubt one of the most ambitious and important black metal releases to date..."Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk, an album of epic savagery! Not only beautiful, but bestial in it's wide ranging scope. The press agreed. Not only was "Anthems.." featured in almost every "album of the year poll" across the globe, but actually won the album of the year in both Terrorizer (UK) and Metal Maniacs (USA).

Since the release of the genre defining "Anthems.... " album, things were active in the Emperor camp. Following a couple of tours in 1997, and appearances at Dynamo and Milwaukee Metalfest in1998, the band announced that bass player Alver would be leaving. As a result of this, Ihsahn handled all bass duties on the upcoming IX Equilibrium album.

IX Equilibrium was their single most breathtaking vision to date. Surpassing even the mighty "Anthems..." for its sheer scope of diversity, the album utilized elements from their traditional metal roots, operatic vocals and of course their trademark symphonic soundscape.

With the success of IX Equilibrium, Emperor set out to conquer new territories as a touring band. They toured Europe as special guests for Morbid Angel, headlined the US on their 1999s Kings of Terror tour, and also appeared at various festivals. During this period Emperor recorded the live album and full-length DVD, Emperial Live Ceremony, which to this day stand as a strong testimony to Emperors mighty live performance.

In 2001 Emperor released what was to become their swansong, Prometheus the Discipline of Fire & Demise. An epic and progressive metal album that once and for all marked Emperor as one of the most adventurous and gifted Black Metal band of all times. With the release of Prometheus the band also announced their departure as an active band. The Emperor is dead, long live the Emperor roamed the metal world. However, the legacy of Emperor was held high by their loyal fan base, and since the bands departure, their credibility has only grown stronger. In 2003, the best-of double album Scattered Ashes A Decade of Emperial Wrath was released, and celebrated many of the fine moments of Emperors career.

In 2005, Emperor took the metal world by storm at a surprise show in Oslo when they announced that they were reforming for a few selected reunion shows. In 2006 Emperor will headline Norways Inferno Festival, Germanys Wacken Open-air, and 4 exclusive shows in NYC and LA. Beyond that, the future, as ever, is a mystery waiting to be unravelled




In the Nightside Eclipse


Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk

IX Equilibrium

Emperial Live Ceremony

Prometheus the Discipline of Fire and Demise

Scattered Ashes a Decade of Emperial Wrath

Official line-up:





Record label:





There is no doubt that the second full-length album from Norway's Zyklon is a platter highly anticipated. Fans and critics alike have followed the album's progress as various news and music gossip pages have meticulously tracked the band's trips and sightings during the making of this all-important recording. And now, with worldwide release set for early September, "Aeon" - as it is titled - will come to represent more than just a stronger and more potent Zyklon; it will righteously disclose for all a band in possession of steadfast determination, focus and poised to wave their personal banner of musical independence for years to come.

Escalating the extremity factor, Aeon gives witness to equal measure death and black metal. But as those who know Zyklon's sound can attest - so much more can and will be found within. Guitarist Samoth and drummer Trym together with guitarist Destructhor and new vocalist/bassist Secthdamon bestow an incredulously cold and calculated metal, a sound that is light years apart from the duo's later Emperial days. And as monumental as 2001's "World ov Worms" was ("a mighty, snarling beast," said Malcome Dome/Metal-Is), Aeon's musical palette needs but a solitary sitting in which to bare its raging power.

Recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio in Norway and mixed at famed Studio Fredman in Sweden under the watchful eye of Fredrik Nordstrm, "Aeon" sees Brd "Faust" Eithun returning to handle lyrical duties while Secthdamon takes his first steps on record behind the mike and on bass. Earning his vocal stripes while touring (the band supporting Morbid Angel and Deicide for their maiden US adventure), the drummer turned bassist/vocalist settles perfectly into the position left vacant in late 2001 by Daemon. Destructhor will continue to impress the guitar aficionados with his lightning-fast solos and technique. Add to it the long-respected play of Samoth and the inspiring skins of Trym, "Aeon" is a record that builds upon an already revered sonic recipe.

Founded in 1998, it was evident from the start that Zyklon was to be more than just a "side project" for the then-Emperor guitarist and drummer. Teaming with Destructhor (also of Myrkskog), the trio's rehearsals ignited a spark that would put them on the fast track. Enter England's Candlelight Records.

Already home to Emperor, Candlelight was the best and obvious first choice for the band and their recording future. Enlisting Daemon from Limbonic Art for vocals and featuring a guest appearance from Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver, Arcturus), "World ov Worms" was recorded and released February 2001 in Europe and followed in April for the United States. The band would tour worldwide with Morbid Angel and by year's end the album would find itself upon many magazine and critic "Best of Year" lists.

Work began on Aeon in early 2002 with the band's writing and rehearsing seeing out the end of the year. Recording commenced in February 2003 with final work completed in May. The album's cover art was created by long-time friend and accomplished designer Stephen O'Malley. Whereas previous work catered around the studio, Zyklon is equally dedicated to the live arena.

With festival appearances already confirmed and tours looming on a horizon that will see the band living for the stage till the early months of 2004, "Aeon" will ultimately earn its merit where it ought to - in front of the band's dedicated and growing fan base.

Now in 2006 Zyklon return for another go at the jugular.

Recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio (Emperor) and mixed by Fredrik Nordstromat Studio Fredman (Dimmu Borgir, The Haunted), Disintegrate is a punishing album from start to finish. With lyrics again penned by collaborator Bard "Faust" Eithun (Emperor, Scum), the album finds the quartet in peak form. Harsh, piercing, meticulous - Disintegrate will impress all extreme music fans.


    ZYKLON 2006




There is no denying that the new album from Norway's MYRKSKOG is a highly anticipated recording. After a wait of nearly three years, the eight selections that comprise the trio's sophomore outing righteously eliminate the once growing notion that European death metal had long been tapped.

The sonically crushing Superior Massacre finds MYRKSKOG at its metallic best. Bandleader Destructhor (also of Zyklon fame) is a guitar god in waiting as he feverously delivers riff after blazing riff, shredding his previous work with impeccable dexterity. This done in tandem with vocals, most recently added to his roster of musical duties. Drummer Secthdamon (Odin/Zyklon) is the master of skins, hammering rack and toms like few others. Bassist Demariel makes his debut on Superior Massacre, providing the backbone to the album's stand out tracks "Trapped in Torment," "Blood Ejaculation," and "Utter Human Murder."

Formed in 1993, MYRKSKOG have survived their share of setbacks and obstacles. After a band split in 1994, returning members recorded the initial piece of their musical legacy. While only a 4-track recording, it laid the audio groundwork for what would come. Surviving another period of inactivity, the band completed, "Apocalyptic Psychotica-The Murder Tape," their first proper demo in 1998. It would 1999 that Europeans would get their first introduction to MYRKSKOG by way of their debut. The blistering Death Machine invaded Europe; quickly finding a curious audience left astounded by the band's incredulous speed and power. Americans would sadly wait until 2001 for their taste of the band's molten masterpiece. Emperor's Samoth simply touted, "Death Machine kicks ass."

Already confirmed to tour Europe with Nile and a UK tour to follow shortly thereafter, MYRKSKOG are no doubt vying to visit American shores in early 2003. "We are really looking forward to touring the US," says Destructhor. "Let the Superior Massacre begin."





MindGrinder was founded in 1996 at Akkerhaugen. The band is located in Notodden, Norway.
The current line up consist of the three founding members; Titan, Nitrous, Cosmocrator and recent recruited drummer Dan. Cosmo is also known from acts like Source of Tide (ex member), Zyklon (ex session) and Windir (vocal contributions).
While Titan and Nitrous are in control of the fierce MindGrinder axe ripping, Cosmo handles the bass, vox and programming duties for the band.
In the beginning MindGrinder experimented quite a lot within the genre of metal, taking the band step by step forward to what it has become today. The basic concept was to form a musical expression that would both be catchy and groovy, but yet a blast of aggression and intensity.
Over the years MindGrinder has done quite some live work, which includes sharing the stage with the likes of Zyklon, Source of Tide, Behemoth, Mortiis, Myrkskog, etc.
MindGrinder recorded several demos throughout the years, but none of them were released officially until the 3 track Demolition 2001 demo, which was released in the beginning of 2001. The demo was quite well received by Terrorizer Magazine, amongst others, and some tracks were also featured on a couple of compilation albums.
MindGrinders last demo, Bless the Imbeciles, got very positive feedback as well and resulted in a record deal with Sound Riot Records and the recording of the debut album MindTech. The album was recorded in the well-known Akkerhaugen Lydstudio (Emperor, Zyklon, Windir, etc.) December 2002. Eventually the album had to be bought out by MindGrinder themselves due to some financial problems from the label. The contract was terminated, and this ended the co-operation between MindGrinder and Sound Riot.
MindGrinder now had the one-year-old MindTech album on their hands, locked, loaded and ready for release. After a short dialogue with label Nocturnal Art Productions the band was back on track. MindGrinder are now officially signed to Nocturnal Art Productions!
Meanwhile super talented drummer Dan was recruited as a fulltime member of the band, giving MindGrinder the final edge with his extravagant drumming.
MindGrinder are now preparing for shows and are excited to finally be able to promote their debut album.
MindTech is mastered at Strype Audio. It features 10 tracks of hard-hitting aggressive METAL! It will also feature a CDR version of the video of the track Fire&Equanimity, and astonishing artwork by Dragonweb Productions.


Norwegian metal music has taken on many shapes in the past decade, but few groups have achieved the near painful beauty of pure industrial metal like Red Harvest. Its been more than ten years since the release of their first album - years spent on the border lines between alternative art music and metal mayhem. Red Harvest are true veterans of Norwegian metal music, along with such bands as Mayhem, Cadaver and Darkthrone. They have never been part of the controversial black metal scene, yet their best music contains more than enough energy to burn down churches by its sonic impact alone. The persistent five piece have often been touring both domestically and abroad, but is still something of a rather well kept secret among connoisseurs of dark, driving rock music. When pressed to describe themselves, the members will come up with labels like Apocalyptic Industrial Paranoia Metal. But like most truly great music, the sonic assault of Red Harvest defy all labelling.

The seeds for the current band started growing many years ago. Thomas (bass) replied to Jimmy's (guitar, vocals) advert in a Norwegian metal fanzine and the two meet in February 1987. At the time Jimmy played in a band called Artic Thunder with drummer Cato Bekkevold. Artic Thunder played speed / thrash metal inspired by bands like Helloween, Metallica, early Metal Church and Artch. Cato left later that year, Thomas and Jimmy recruited two new band members and they continued raising hell as Artic Thunder until the band split up in the summer of 1989.

Shortly after this Cato was ready for more chaos, a second guitar player called Jan Nygaard was drafted in and Red Harvest was born. The band name seems to be a bit of a mystery with no real origins or meaning, after bouncing around several different names they settled on this one as they thought it was the best they had come up with!

They immediately started writing and rehearsing material while trying to survive financially by doing various shitty day jobs. The first result of the bands work was their first demo called 'Ocultica' which came out towards the end of 1989.
Track list: 1. Embrace Of Misery 2. Beneath The Mask 3. Spirit Of The Serpent.
The band played gigs in their native Norway and they continued to work towards making their first album. In 1990 a second demo was unleashed, called 'Psychotica'.
Track list: 1. Face The Fact. 2. Acid. 3. Sane In Solitude. 4. Faithful Unto Death. 5. D-F-Song.

More gigs followed, including the bands first outside of Norway when they played in Sveadale, Sweden in 1991.

The band started recording for their first album in the summer of 1991 and the result, 'Nomindsland', surfaced in 1992 on the Black Mark label. The guys toured the UK in 1993 with Cavader, a couple of the gigs had a very young Cradle of Filth on the bill.

The result of more writing / rehearsing appeared in 1994 with the release of Red Harvest's second album 'There's Beauty in the Purity of Sadness' on the bands new record label Voices Of Wonder. Lars Srensen helped out during the recording and mixing process for the album, and later in the year he joined Red Harvest doing keyboards and additional drumming. A video for the first track on the album 'Wounds' was made and banned in Norway due to it's violent content (the video showed dead bodies, people getting executed, burned corpses, etc) - despite this MTV pick up on the video and give it some heavy rotation. Red Harvest also appeared on the compilation 'The Reincarnation of the Sun', released in 1994 on the small label Dunkel Prod.
Tracks: 1. Primal 2. Receival of Truth 3. Resist (different version than on There's Beauty...)
Following more gigs in Norway the band headed for a tour of Germany, which had to be cancelled due to Cato getting sick. Later in 1994 Jan quits Red Harvest and Ketil (guitars / vocals) replaces him. The guys already know Ketil well as he played in a band called DunkelHeit, a side project involving Jimmy and Lars.

The band record an EP 'The Maztr Nation' in 1995 with their 2 new band members. The band tour the EP in several European countries and a video was made for the track 'Enlighten The Child'. With the line up settling down the band started work on their 3rd full-length album. The stunning result, 'HyBreed', was released in 1996. This release, the video for the final track on the album 'The Burning Wheel' and more gigs across Northern Europe strengthened the bands cult following.

More gigs follow in 1997, including supporting Type O Negative. Cato leaves the band and drummer Erik Wroldsen is recruited from Trivial Act as a replacement. The band takes time out to rehearse properly with Erik.

1998 sees a refreshed Red Harvest record and launch the amazing EP 'NewRage World Music'. Gigs follow as the band take their new sound out on the road.

Their record deal with Voices Of Wonder ultimately proves to be disappointing and in 1999 the band sign to Nocturnal Art. A few gigs aside most of this year is spent writing their next album.

'Cold Dark Matter' was released to almost unanimous critical acclaim. The number of reviews which start by saying they couldn't believe how good this band are and why had they never heard of them was unbelievable. The bands fan base continued to grow and a European tour supporting Mayhem took the band to 10 different countries.

'Cold Dark Matter' was released in 2001 in North America on Relapse Records, the album contains bonus tracks from the 'NewRage World Music' EP. Around the same time Nocturnal Art re-release the 'NewRage' EP under the title 'New World Rage Music'. The re-release contains 4 new killer tracks and the band gig in Norway and the UK. Summer 2001 the band started work on their next album.

Summer 2001 the band started working on the album 'Sick Transit Gloria Mundi'. The album was recorded in November and December the same year at Akkerhaugen Studioes (Emperor, Windir, Zyklon) with producer Neil Kernon. The album was released in April 2002 and got top scores in more or less all newspapers and magazines. Red Harvest played gigs in Norway and the UK, and got nominated to the Norwegian Grammy (Spelemannsprisen) and the alternative Alarm Award as the best metal act from Norway 2002. In 2003 Red Harvest was among the headliners at the Inferno and the Quart Festival in Norway. November 2003 many countries in Europe was revisited by Red Harvest.

At the moment the band is recording and preparing the new album (title TBA). The album is recorded at Subsonic Society in Oslo and will be mixed in Fredmanns Studioes in Gothenburg, Sweden. Release is set to medio September 2004 on Nocturnal Art Productions. Candlelight will handle the album in North America.

Nomindsland (BMP 19), CD, Black Mark Productions 1992
Theres Beauty In The Purity Of Sadness (VOW 039). CD, Voices Of Wonder, 1994
The Maztr Nation (VOW 046). MCD, Voices Of Wonder, 1995
HyBreed (VOW 052). CD, Voices Of Wonder, 1996.
NewRage World Music (VOW 072). MCD, Voices Of Wonder 1998
Cold Dark Matter (Eclipse 014) CD, Nocturnal Art Productions 2000
Cold Dark Matter (RLP 6479) CD, Relapse Records, US release 2001
New World Rage Music (Eclipse 019) CD, Nocturnal Art Productions 2001
Sick Transit Gloria Mundi (Eclipse 020) CD, Nocturnal Art Productions 2002
Sick Transit Gloria Mundi (RLP 6537) CD, Relapse Records, US release 2002
TBA (Eclipse xxx) CD, Nocturnal Art Productions 2004






Tidfall was formed in 1994 and released a couple of demos in the underground, the latest one, "Black Psychotic Darkness", got the band signed to NAP.
The band recorded their debut album "Circular Supremacy" in
March/ April 2000 at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio. The album received great media attention in the general Metal press. Though, NAP decided to part with the band.

Tidfall has now signed with Nuclear Blast Records.


BIO 2003: So far, so good!
The creation of Nucleus

In the pre-prod meantime, booking of studio and early plans for the release were taken care of. It turned out that Akkerhaugen was the best studio-option for this material too. Taken into consideration that the studio had undertaken a great "facelift" from last time and were running just the equipment Tidfall was  albums, also showed great interest in working with them again. So it came to be...
March month were chosen to start the recording, and finally all the effort put into the writing process paid off. The new album was recorded in 3 weeks; 16 days of recording, 1 week off, and finally 1 week of mixing. No delays and just some minor technical problems. So this is it...Tidfall soon back with a brand new album for ya all! It's gonna be a bit different, musically it's more dynamic, more varied, but with lots of more power than before. And at last but not least; it's metal as good as it gets!






1994: It was at the now far and gone year of 1994 that Draconiis created Sirius, as a solo-project, with the purpose of delivering his feelings and demons inside him into a metal setting.

1997, from the ashes of Twilight, the band in which Draconiis and Vukodlack met in the first place, Sirius was injected with new blood. Vukodlack joined on the drums and keyboards, and Raven joined on the bass. This line-up recorded the promo-track Fiery Strife at the Cosmic Gates and was joined by vocalist Gornoth for the recording sessions of their acclaimed demo-tape The Eclipse. The response to this demo-tape was incredibly huge, beyond the wildest expectations! Criticism such as "demo tape of the year" and "best Portuguese band" started pouring down from everywhere in the press. The band did just one gig for demo promotion that ended up by being a major success, with more than 350 people attending it.
Sirius was then approached by several independent labels, having Nocturnal Art Productions been the most enthusiastic and presented the most ambitious deal for Sirius, both concerning priority and promotion.

March 1999, Sirius signed a 2 album contract with N.A.P., and later that same year, Sirius started the recording of their successful debut album Aeons of Magick.
In September Draconiis and Vukodlack flew all the way to cold Norway for the mixing of the album in Akkerhaugen Lydstudio (Emperor, Zyklon, Myrkskog), the mastering was also handled in Norway in Strype Audio (Mayhem, Emperor, Ulver).

Meanwhile, Raven had left the band during the recording of Aeons of Magick and Ainvar had joined as second guitar player, making Barzh change his role to the bass duties.

Released in
February 2000 Aeons of Magick was a real bomb and once again, Sirius took the scene by storm with this debut album, had fantastic media coverage, excellent reviews and interviews in all major press, having NAP developed a very good promotion work.

An official release party was organised, consisting of two gigs in the 2 major Portuguese cities (Lisbon and Oporto). 2 completely packed venues awaited the band, creating an incredible cult environment around Sirius.
With no time to waste, and shortly after the release of Aeons of Magick, Sirius started working on new songs for their second album Spectral Transition. The band booked Akkerhaugen Lydstudio for
October 2000.
Having no time left for touring, they made one last gig in Lisbon (before leaving to Norway) and headlined the second day of the Steel Warriors Rebellion Festival (with Sinister, Pandemia).

Barzh was asked to leave the band before the recording, Draconiis, Ainvar and Vukodlack would work harder and take care of the bass recording for the next album themselves.
October came and Sirius returned to Akkerhaugen Lydstudio to record Spectral Transition - Dimension Sirius with producer Thorbjrn Akkerhaugen. Counting with special guest-appearances by comrades Faust (ex-Emperor), Samoth (Emperor/Zyklon) and Daemon (Limbonic Art/Zyklon). Tom K. at Strype Audio once again took care of the mastering.

So, with a lot of effort, the awesome result is a possible reference album for how Extreme Metal should sound in the new Millennium!! Out in
March 2001
Spectral Transition established Sirius as one of the most promissing bands and has definitely set new future reference standards. Leaving a strong contribution to the innovation of music by creating a new definition in metal! Probably one of the metal bands of the moment holding the highest exponential of development, and for sure one of the most committed!

Sirius has currently signed with Nuclear Blast Records and are preparing for a new album to be recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio.







Debut album release!

Paganize debut album "Evolution Hour " finally ready!!!
Official release date is 23rd of October.

Paganize live in Notodden and Oslo!
> Arno, Notodden - 21st of October
> Amplifier, Oslo - 3rd of November

New band photos added here!

The site has, for some reason, been down for a week or so. But now we're up and running again.
However, the recording of the album is under progress and going well. All drums, bass and guitars are done, and Mr. Fredheim is currently laying down the vocal tracks. Allright! That's all for now...!

Entering studio!

Paganize are now entering Akkerhaugen Lydstudio to record our debut album. We'll keep you posted!

Breaking news!!
Paganize signed on Candlelight records!
Currently working on material for our debut album, and we're f***ing pleased! Scheduled to hit the studio in spring/summer. Watch out! Visit Candlelight on

A while since the last update. Paganize is still alive and kickin'. Posted a couple of reviews in our media lounge. Check it out!

Pictures from our gig in Notodden 10.12.05 added in the picture lounge.

Paganize on, and Nrk Urrt. Drop by as well.
Check it out.....!

New gig confirmed: Paganize + Angry Brew at Betong, Oslo,
Friday 09.12.05.

Finally we have launched our new web site. Enjoy!

NEW DEMO OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! After much trouble and things not going our way, we've finally managed to record and mix a new demo. Check it out in the music lounge, or feel free to order your very own copy.

It's been a while since the last update, but here goes! A great review of our gig at the Motsty '05 festival can be found here. We'll hopefully mix our redicilously long awaited demo this upcoming week and I know I've been saying this for almost a year now, but stay tuned. It will be available for download on this very site very shortly!

Rock on!

Well , finally we're back!! It's been a few months of endless struggle for Paganize. We lost our old website for reasons far to complicated to even begin explaining. Our singer spends most of his time in the desolated realms of freezin' Svalbard and we're still waiting for our long awaited demo.  However as of now, drums, bass and all guitars have been put down, and as soon as we get the vocals done, we'll mix it and put it out on this very site!! Stay tuned!

We will play at the Motsty festival in Notodden september 3rd, so as allways, if youre in the aerea, there's no excuse but to show up!!Cheers!

We will together with She said destroy support Mindgrinder on thereleaseparty for their new album Riot detonator on Friday the 13th. of May!The venue is "Rock in" in Oslo! CC is a laughable 50 kr, another 100 krand you get Mindgrinders new album as well!! What a bargain!Be there!!!!!





Svartahrid er et black metal band fra Skien som ble startet i 1994 av Istar (gitar,vokal) og Forn(trommer).I 1999 ble debutalbumet Forthcoming storm sluppet p Napalm records. ret etter kom oppflgeren As the sunrise flickers. Siden utgivelsene p Napalm records har det blitt noen utskiftelser i bandet. I tillegg til Istar og Forn er Nidgrim n med p bass. Ny skive kommer n snart p Soulsellerrecords. Skiva heter Sadness and wrath og ble spilt inn i 2002-2003 i Akerhaugen  lydstudio. Den ble mikset frst n i august 2006 og mastring pgr i dette yebikk av Tom Kvlsvolll p Strype audio.Siden dette er en tre r gammel plate er nytt materiale allerde klart og Svartahrid vil g i studio igjen vren 2007...
Istar gitar,vokal  
Forn trommer  
Nidgrim Bass  
Forthcoming storm 1999 Full CD Napalm records
As the sunrise flickers 2001 Full CD Napalm records



Men Svartahrid var ikke dde...


Svartahrid har i mange r ligget og vaket i den vre delen av norsk metallundergrunn. Har du vrt mtelig opptatt av black metal, har du i det minste hrt om Skiensgutta. Etter lang tids stillhet trodde nok mange at det var over og ut for bandet, men s er alts ikke tilfelle. P hstparten var de ute med

 Sadness and Wrath, en trivelig skive stilren BM.

             band - 2007                               Svartahrid band 07

                Les mer...




 Photo: Kamilla K Skrinde


Spoonful of Blues is by far the most eccentric and daring Blues band in
Norway today. The band's music is deeply rooted in the hard hitting and
hyptnotizing grooves and rhythms of the Mississippi hill country.

Three Car Garage, Spoonful of Blues's new CD, has recieved rave reviews in
Norwegian printed media, as well as, getting extended airplay on Norwegian
radio stations.  Spoonful of Blues have been the focus of  attention on NRK
P3's Hovig's Hangar.  Norways no. 1 Blues programmer, Geir Hovig,
expresses: "this is what happens when good craftsmanship turns into art".

Spoonful of Blues from Notodden, Norway knows the Blues as well as anybody.
Still they like to push the envelope of this sacred music. That's why they have
the nerve to mix elements of old Norwegian culture, from their home area of Telemark,
and West African elements in their Blues with natural elegance and turn it into
their own special blend of world music. The Spoonful of Blues use samples and
modern sounds and grooves from Funk, R&B, Rock and Rap music to get their
message across with a year 2000 attitude.

The members of this band, Jostein Forsberg, Morten Omlid, Olaf Skrinde and Jens Haugen have a noteworthy background both as Blues musicians and as organizers of distinguished Norwegian Blues activities. The Norwegian Blues Union, Europa's Blues Centre and the Notodden Blues
Festival are activities that have ultimatly changed the Scandinavian Blues scene as a whole.




Like the extravagant title, Essensual is a unique album with new and fresh sounds. With an almost pop-like production, this album will surely attract a broader audience. With this album she tries to express hidden feelings, various thoughts within the psyche, the bad experiences that shape us, thoughts about our real being, thus the title "Essensual". The essence of sensuality.

Underworld, Invisible Entity, Their Dead Poetry, Sungod, Erzulies Charm, Purple Nightshades, Living Trash, The Figurehead (The Cure cover), The Wish, Dreams of Little Girls

Recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio (Hagalaz Runedance, Red Harvest, Emperor, etc)
Mastered at Strype Audio (Ulver, When, Biosphere, etc)

Nebelhex is the charismatic artist Andrea Haugen, who has mesmerized the alternative music scene since 94. Her early love for British gothic, new wave and underground music brought her to London in '90 where she soon became part of the subculture scenes. Always searching, and always having had a fascination for the supernatural, lifes mysteries and animals, she connected with various magic/pagan/witch circles. Seeking to explore and upgrade the understanding for the shadow
side of the self, Andrea was soon involved with notorious magical and artistic performances.

Under the name of Nebelhex, she released an album in '94 with the haunting dark-ambient project Aghast. Her comments about the inhibiting patriarchal religions and her perception of human nature and occult subjects in interviews became quite admired in the alternative music scene. Having moved to Norway, she became very engaged in the revival of the northern pagan traditions. This became the inspiration for her musical entity Hagalaz Runedance. With her albums The Winds That
Sang Of Midgards fate (98), Urd - That Which Was (99), Volven (2000) and Friggas Web (2002) she vividly explores the magic and spirituality of her Pagan ancestors, bringing to life the forgotten myths and magical wisdom, focusing particularly on the goddess worship of the North.

Creating with honesty, melancholy and sincere emotions she always manages successfully to bring her visions and feelings across. She always believed that magic and artistic expression go hand in hand. Andreas writings indeed inspired many individuals. Many of her social critical articles and letters to the media have been printed in magazines and also in the biggest Norwegian tabloid papers and magazines.

In 2000, Andreas book The Ancient Fires Of Midgard was published, discussing topics such as Northern mythology and the Pagan way of life, Nature's mysteries, ancient traditions, the magic of the wise women, natural childbirth, and the animal spirit. Albeit focused on the Northern traditions, she encourages the revival of the Pagan wisdom in general, and hopes to inspire open-minded individuals to search for their inner self.

And much has been written about her. Andrea's name and creations can be found in and newspapers, be it about her music and other artistic expressions, or paganism and witchcraft in general. Often she has been referred to as being one of the most intriguing personalities of the subculture. And since she is not that easy to categorize, she frequently has been misinterpreted...

Andrea moved on again in her musical and lyrical expressions and focused more generally on personal feelings, dreams, obscure experiences and the magic that is surrounding her. She also began working within other artistic areas; creating visual art and video concepts for example. She revived her previous artist name Nebelhex, which means fog-witch (In Germanic folklore the hazes of fog that rise from the ground are believed to be the white women or fog witches.) Laguz - Within the Lake was the title of her first Nebelhex release. Still bearing many of her Hagalaz Runedance trademarks, a
good deal of 80s gothic, electronic and rock influences create a darker and dreamy atmosphere.



Klippet fra Telen 18/8 2007 - Tekst: Kai Andersen

Tffest av de tffe

Zyklon regnes fortsatt som et Notodden-band - og p Metall Heart fredag formiddag viste gutta at de fortsatt er blant de tffeste av de tffe.


TFFING: Zyklons "Destruchtor" jobber hardt p scenen.


ST: Sechtdamon er st som f p bassen sin.

Ekstrem-metall, med rtter i bde black metall og deathmetall, finslepet gjennom tre CD-utgivelser og flere r med turne- og festivaljobbing siden starten i 2000. Det var kraftig kost som et ikke altfor stort Metall Heart-publikum fikk servert rett etter frokost:

Litt i tidligste laget p dagen, jada. Men vi hadde det kult p scenen, vi. Det var gy. Metall til lunch! spker Thomas Haugen (Samoth), gitarist i bandet, en av stifterne - som han ogs i sin tid var med og stiftet Emperor p Akkerhaugen sammen med Vegard Tveitan. Ogs trommeslager Kai Johnny Mosaker (Trym) spilte med Emperor fra midt p 1990-tallet, som ogs Zyklon-bassist Sechtdamon gjr. Fjerdemann p Zyklon-laget er gitarist Destruchtor.


Og det har vrt et travelt r for Zyklon-gjengen, som har sin dedikerte tilhrerskare spredt over hele Europa. Tre av de fire har alts ogs i fjor og i r gjort en rekke strre jobber med det gjenforente Emperor - uten at Thomas Haugen da Telen mtte bandet i gr kunne si noe om hvorvidt det blir noe mer Emperor-jobb. Kanskje har dette legendariske bandet, som jo gjestet Motsty p Notodden i fjor, gjort sin siste opptreden.

Det har i hvert fall ikke Zyklon. Metal Heart-publikummet mtte et opplagt band, selvsikkert som f andre - og med adskillig mer teknisk grundighet bde i spill og sound enn da undertegnede s bandet sist for et par-tre r siden. S har gutta da ogs spilt tidligere i r p Metallmania i Polen, p Inferno i Oslo (for tredje gang !), gjort en England-Skotland-turne som headliner med fem show, de har gjestet Maryland Death fest i USA, Roskilde-festivalen (som et av de svrt f ekstrem-metallbanda som slipper til p Roskilde, og de har spilt i Kaltenbach i sterrike, inne i skogene med alpelandskap i bakgrunnen - og i Tsjekkia. Og alts "hjemme" p Notodden.

Det har vrt ganske tettpakka i sommer. Og s skal vi muligens til Japan i slutten av september - invitert av de samme folkene som fly oss over for tre r siden, forteller Haugen.

Ikke snillere

Zyklon er ikke blitt snillere musikalsk sett med ra?

Nei, ikke snillere. Men kanskje hakket mer teknisk bedre. Vi har gjort soundet mer snn at det passer for oss.

Og selve Metal Heart-festivalen?

Et interessant initiativ. Skal bli spennende se hvordan det gr. Men selv har jeg bare sett Queensryche torsdag, og dukket opp her til lunch, s vi har ikke sett s mye. Men skal kanskje se Dimmu Borgir og Testament, sier Thomas Haugen.

Hva er mest gy - Zyklon eller Emperor anno 2007?

Begge deler er jo gy. Men Emperor er jo en mye strre produksjon. Da er vi headlinerne, da er det mye mere folk - og folk er mye mere med. Men musikalsk er det ikke s stor forskjell. Det er jo mye av de samme musikalske rttene. Men det har vrt en utfordring spille med begge banda de siste to rene, sier Haugen.

Satt godt

Og p Tapperiet i gr spilte Zyklon lter fra hele bandets sju r lange karriere og tre utgivelser. Tittellta "Disingrate" fra den siste plata (2006) traff et fortsatt frokosttrtt publikum rett i ryggmargen - og den ble fulgt opp av "Transcendental War" fra debuten "World ov Worms (2001) - og viste at de eldste ltene fortsatt holder ml etterhvert som bandet er blitt mer og mer samspilt. "Hammer Revelation" (ogs fra Worms...) avsluttet det hele - i et show som viste hvem som er konge p den norske ekstrem-metallhaugen. Dimmu Borgir, som gr p i ettermiddag, blir reine dansebandet etter Zyklon.....




 Hentet fra HEAVY METAL 25.08.08:



ny skive + sker selskap


"Det usignerte sognabandet Mistur reiser til Akkerhaugen Lydstudio i byrjingen av september for spele inn bandets debutalbum. Etter eit opphald etter den kritikarroste demoen Skoddefjellet (bilde), er no bandet klart for spreia meir av det gode bodskap.

Coveret kjem til bli pryda med kunst fr den belgiske coverkunstnaren Kris Verwimp (blant anna teikna for Thyrfing og Old Man's Child)

Etter at masteren er klar vil Mistur vere p jakt etter eit plateselskap. Viss nokon selskap der ute skulle vera interessert er det berre henvende seg p
denne adressa eller sjekke ut bandets heimeside og Myspace.

Det vil sjlvsagt ogs bli nye mogelegheiter til sj bandet live. Datoar vil dukke opp etterkvart.

Folkens, den som ventar p noko godt ventar ikkje forgjeves =)"

Det br vre et eller annet selskap der ute som har interesse av dette, for kvaliteten er p plass. Sjekk anmeldelse og et tidligere intervju vi kjrte p bandet i linker under.

Relaterte saker
- Mistur - mer folketoneinspirert sognametal
- Mistur - Skoddefjellet



AHEAD Speed Metal


Tilbake til Startsiden